Graphing Calculator Database

Please take a moment to register your graphing calculator with the LPHS Math Department.  Every calculator has a serial number on it and by registering your calculator with us, we can have a database to refer to in case a calculator is lost/found.  This may also deter student's from stealing calculators as well.


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Helpful Information

The Serial Number is engraved on the back of all TI graphing calculators.
There are different ways to access the Product ID number from the memory of the calculator:

  • On a TI-83 Plus/TI-84 versions press Border(for Memory) and then select 1: About.
  • For the TI-89 or TI-92, press F1 and go to A:About.
  • For the TI-Nspire, go to 5: Settings, 4: Status, go to “About”.
Model:     Other:
Serial No:    (14 or 27 digit number)
ID No:   
On a TI 86, the number is located on the back of the calculator.

Other Notes:

Email Ms. Foster with questions regarding the database or if you need information regarding a calculator submitted to the database.    NEVER leave your calculator unattended!!!